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  • Click here to choose the subscription and bundle that will work best for you!

  • Yes! You can switch bundles before your next selected payment date! You can manage your subscription selection and payment date details here.

  • Yes! You can switch between a monthly and an every-other-month subscription before your next selected payment date! You can manage your subscription selection and payment date details here or call 208-534-3040.

  • Yes. You can access your membership details either by going to Melaleuca.com and clicking the Riverbend Ranch Steaks icon at the top of the page or by visiting here.

  • Yes, we take pride in our Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef and delivery practices. For complete details, please visit Melaleuca.com/RiverbendRanch/Customer-Satisfaction-Policy.

  • We know that once you experience the Riverbend Ranch Black Label difference, you’ll be asking for more! Everyone does! For now, as we scale up our operations, you’ll be limited to one bundle per month. However, we will allow Members to purchase more than one bundle a month in the very near future! Please watch for future communications announcing this change.

  • Yes! Members are able to add individual items to their pre-selected bundle, either as a one-time purchase or on an ongoing basis. As each bundle varies in its size and weight, the number of add-on items you can add will vary from one bundle to another. Add-ons can be selected and adjusted at any time in the Manage Your Subscription page online.

  • Yes. You can add or remove a payment method in your My Account section of Melaleuca.com. To manage which payment method is used for your Riverbend Ranch Steaks subscription, please call 208-534-3040. Weekday phone hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (MT). Closed on major holidays.

  • Click here to view a page that provides an overview of each bundle.

  • You can taste the delicious, well-marbled difference! Riverbend Ranch is unlike any other operation in the country. As a fully vertically integrated ranching operation, we can ensure unmatched quality from pasture-raised beef that was NEVER treated with GROWTH HORMONES and NO ANTIBIOTICS delivered from the ranch to your door. We’ve spent more than 27 years developing purebred Black Angus cattle with the very best genetics. Because Riverbend Ranch is vertically integrated, we control quality in every step of the process, including the genetics and breeding of the cattle, ranching the cattle, the ranching operations, the farm ground to grow feed, the facilities, and even the processing plant itself! We control the entire supply chain from start to finish to provide you with a superior eating experience.

  • Never! Ever! Riverbend Ranch Black Label cattle are pasture raised with NO GROWTH HORMONES and NO ANTIBIOTICS. That is our Never Ever promise. Sometimes a sick animal will require antibiotics to get well. That animal will receive needed medical attention, but we will remove that animal from the Riverbend Ranch Black Label program. That cow will still live a great life on the farm, but rest assured it won’t make it to your table!

  • All the cuts offered through Riverbend Ranch Black Label are certified 100% USDA Prime or High Choice. All our beef is aged for at least 21 days in our state-of-the-art aging cooler and features our Never Ever promise: our beef was never ever given growth hormones or antibiotics. To learn more about the quality and flavor of our beef, visit About Us.

  • Neither “grass-finished” or “grain-finished” would be an accurate description of our finishing ration.

    Click here to learn more.

  • Yes! Shipping is included on all orders shipped to the lower 48 states. Surcharges will be applied to any package shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.

    • Hawaii – add $12.00
    • Alaska – add $44.50
    • Puerto Rico – add $44.50
  • To ensure your package is delivered as timely as possible we only ship on weekdays and not over weekends. Packages will typically ship on Mondays and Tuesdays as soon as possible after your selected payment date. Packages will arrive within 3 days of when they are shipped.

  • Your Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef will arrive in a high-quality, corrugated, insulated box that is packed with enough dry ice to ensure your order remains chilled throughout shipment—any time of year!

  • We freeze your beef to ensure you get the highest-quality experience when it arrives. We then pack it in recyclable insulation and with the optimal amount of freshly made dry ice so your meat arrives cold. Your beef will arrive at your designated delivery address either frozen or refrigerator cold.

  • Dry ice is a gas that evaporates at room temperature, so you can simply leave the dry ice in an open area and it will literally disappear! You should never touch the dry ice with your bare hands and should always keep it away from children and pets.

  • Because your package will need to be refrigerated shortly after it’s been delivered, we ship to physical street addresses only. We do not ship to post office boxes.

  • Yes! But some delivery drivers will not leave a package at an apartment if there isn’t someone present to receive the package. Also, we cannot be responsible for a package left outside of an apartment that doesn’t get refrigerated shortly after delivery. Check with your local UPS location for information on how they typically handle deliveries in your area.

  • Yes! You can follow this link to create a free UPS My Choice® account. Once you have received confirmation that your bundle has been shipped by UPS, login to My Choice® and instruct UPS to ship it to a different address. A nominal fee may be associated with this request.

  • The Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef gift bundles will sell out fast. You can order as many gift bundles as you would like while supplies last.

  • Gift recipients will receive a confirmation email of the gift order contents and a message from the gift giver. They will not be shown the price of the bundle.

  • To ensure a smooth delivery process the gift recipient’s email address will be required.

  • An individual that chooses to not be a Melaleuca Member can still subscribe as a customer of Riverbend Ranch. Non-Member Riverbend Ranch customers will pay the Non-Member price for Black Label products and are not eligible for any of the amazing benefits of being a Melaleuca Member.

  • The ability to purchase Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef is an exceptional benefit that is connected to your Melaleuca Membership, but purchases do not count towards your monthly Melaleuca Product Point commitment.

  • Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef is a benefit for Melaleuca shoppers. However, it is not included in the Loyalty Shopping Dollars program.

  • Yes. You can call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at 208-534-3040 or email us. Weekday phone hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (MT). Closed on major holidays.

  • Yes! Beef is on the R3 YES List and can be consumed as part of your healthy, balanced R3 lifestyle!

  • You can easily cancel your subscription by calling 208-534-3040 or by visiting here before your bill date. Plus, you are always welcome to resubscribe if you change your mind! If you cancel your subscription after an order has been processed, you will still receive and be charged for that order.

  • Please visit the Melaleuca Business Center to learn more about how your Melaleuca business is impacted.

  • Yes! When consumed as a part of a healthy, balanced diet, beef is a great source of vitamins and protein, including all nine essential amino acids. For even more information, watch our video detailing the health benefits of beef. Citations for the research mentioned in the video can be found here.

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