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Riverbend Ranch

Black Label

The finest-quality cuts of beef raised in mountain pastures and delivered directly from the ranch to your door.


More than 27 years in the making, Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef is guaranteed to be the most flavorful, most tender beef you have ever experienced!

The Importance of Marbling

Every cut of Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef is certified USDA Prime or High Choice. These premium grades of beef contain the highest amount of marbling—the tiny flecks of fat distributed throughout the muscle of the beef. The more marbling, the more tender and more flavorful the beef.

Aged to Perfection

One secret to great flavor and superb tenderness is proper aging of the beef. Proper aging means storing beef at 30°F (slightly below freezing) for 21 days. Most processing facilities no longer properly age beef because it’s so expensive to do. But at Riverbend Ranch, we don’t take shortcuts. All Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef is aged for 21 days in our 780,000-cubic-foot aging coolers.

Black Angus

We’ve spent nearly three decades investing in superior Black Angus genetics, meticulously analyzing as many as 40 different genetic factors that affect the health, flavor, and tenderness of our beef. In dozens of cases, we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single cow because of the quality of the beef from these unique animals. These extremely unique and very expensive cows and bulls have provided the foundation of our Angus herd over the last 27 years, giving us a huge advantage over other Angus operations when it comes to tenderness and flavor.



Riverbend Ranch can offer unmatched quality for several reasons. One reason is that we have the nation’s only fully integrated beef operation of any size. We control the entire process from start to finish, including breeding, the development of the animal every day of its life, raising the feed that is fed to the animal, the actual harvesting of the animal, and the processing of the beef. This allows us to offer a product that is far superior to any of our competitors.

Quality of Animals

Over the past 27 years, we have spent millions of dollars selecting and investing in individual Angus cows that have proven to be outliers in beef flavor and tenderness. They are the foundation of our herd. We now have thousands of cattle with those very special genetics, providing us with a vastly superior product.

Quality of Processing

We own and operate our own 210,000-square-foot processing facility located right on the ranch. It is one of the most state-of-the-art processing facilities in the United States, including a 780,000-cubic-foot aging cooler.

Commitment to the Land

We focus on sustainable practices, from farming and ranching to processing. For example, nothing goes to waste in our processing facility! We capture the water and reuse it for irrigation. Gases from the water treatment are recycled as fuel to heat the plant. And our extensive composting operation transforms the plant’s by-product into fertilizer.

By owning and controlling every step of the process, we not only ensure maximum quality but also deliver unbeatable value!


We know you care about the health and quality of the beef you feed your family, and we’re committed to delivering the finest beef at the best possible price.

Superior Quality

Because we own and operate the entire operation, Riverbend Ranch Steaks can offer superior cuts of beef at a value the other providers can’t touch!

Here’s how Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef compares with other beef-delivery providers. It’s easy to see that no one comes close to matching our quality and value.

Prime or High Choice No No No
Never Hormones No No No
Never Antibiotics No No No
USA Raised No
USA Processed No
Fully Vertically Integrated No No No No
Price for Ribeye+ Bundle* $146 $215 $248 $291 $340

As a Melaleuca member, you get superior-quality beef at an incredible value.

* Prices in USD. Competitor prices estimated by calculating the per pound price of their most comparable items (as of Feb 2023) and adding them together to form a single bundle of equal weight to the Riverbend Ranch Black Label Ribeye+ Bundle. Prices are subject to change.


The health and quality of life of our cattle have a significant impact on the quality of our product. Humane treatment of our cattle is an important part of providing your family with healthy, sustainable beef.

Raised With Their Mothers

Riverbend Ranch calves are born in the spring and stay with their mothers from the day they are born. They grow up romping on rangeland and spend their second year roaming free in high mountain meadows.

Never Ever Promise

We don’t use growth hormones to make our cattle grow faster. The superior genetics of our cow herd give our calves all of the advantage they need to mature naturally without growth hormones. When animals with good genetics are raised in open pastures there is no need to administer antibiotics to keep them healthy. That’s why we can make our Never Ever promise: our animals are NEVER EVER given growth hormones or antibiotics—guaranteed!


We know you care about the health and quality of the beef you feed your family, and we’re committed to delivering the finest beef at the best possible price.

Preferred Protein Source

Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef fits perfectly into a healthy low-carb, protein-rich diet. In fact, beef contains all nine of the essential amino acids your body needs to function optimally. It is one of the very best sources of protein that nature provides.

Nutrient Dense

Quality beef is loaded with vitamins and minerals. In fact, beef is the best natural source of vitamin B12. Beef is a good source of vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, and K—as well as essential minerals, including zinc, selenium, phosphorus, iron, copper, potassium, and magnesium.

Helps Your Body Fight Free Radicals

In addition to the antioxidant vitamins you get through diet and supplementation, your body needs other key nutrients to create self-regenerating “master antioxidants.” These are called endogenous antioxidants because your body can make them on its own. One of the most important is glutathione. As a food source, beef is rich in both glutathione precursor amino acids and minerals as well as complete dietary glutathione.



In stark contrast to industrial beef manufacturers, Riverbend Ranch Steaks is dedicated to using sustainable practices and protecting and preserving our fragile ecosystem and the planet we all call home.

Existing Pastures

Not even a single acre of land was clear-cut for our ranches. Instead, we use the natural rangelands found across five Western states.

Carbon Reduction

Using cattle to graze existing grasslands stimulates continual plant growth, which pulls carbon from the atmosphere and produces more oxygen.

Wildfire Prevention

By using cattle to keep natural grasses in check, we also drastically reduce the chances of wildfires and help contain the fires that do occur. This not only preserves the vegetation but prevents the release of more carbon into the atmosphere.