The Importance of a
Strong Value System

At Melaleuca, our members are part of a community where values and beliefs are honored and respected, where we adhere to wholesome values that dictate how we interact with our business and the world around us. We support a strong belief system centered around family and a relationship with your God.

We Adhere to Wholesome Values

  • Wholesomeness

    In language, in dress, and in our daily actions. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than other companies. We avoid all crass behavior.

  • Family

    We believe in strong relationships and strong families. Mothers and fathers have a responsibility to each other and to their children. The family unit plays a critical role in building strong character in kids and sets the stage for them to experience their own great life.

  • Love

    We need to be advocates of people having great relationships. Being loved is hugely important. It’s important to physical health. Love is far more than physical attraction or basic appreciation, it’s a fundamental element of a great life. If you want to foster love with someone, serve them.

  • Self-Improvement

    Setting and reaching goals in a constant state of improving the self leads to happiness, satisfaction, and a great life.

  • Respect for All

    It is possible to get along with people who don’t agree with us. Those we disagree with are not our enemy. We respect them. Regardless of politics, religion, ethnic background, country of origin, race, gender, economic status, or title in the company, we offer the same high respect for all people.

  • Work Ethic

    We respect the dignity of all types of personal contribution, including all honorable careers, from manual labor to PhDs.

  • Responsibility

    Each of us is responsible for the welfare of ourselves and our own families.

  • Honesty & Truth

    Honesty is speaking the truth, acting with integrity, taking responsibility, accepting accountability, and never being deceptive or fraudulent.

  • Living Debt-Free

    We teach and celebrate the debt-free lifestyle. We advocate sacrificing to pay off debt quickly and live within our means. We strongly urge everyone to avoid the horrible cost of interest.

  • Loyalty

    We espouse loyalty to our families, to each other, to our country, and to our employer.

  • Kindness

    We believe in being friendly, generous, and considerate. Kindness leads to better relationships.

  • Forgiveness

    We believe in asking for forgiveness when we make mistakes and giving forgiveness when we’re wrong. Forgiveness is essential for our personal growth and for our emotional wellness.

  • Service to Others

    Genuine selfless service to others is the way to love others. True service asks nothing in return. Love is a powerful, healing force and is essential for a great life.

  • Sacrifice

    We believe in giving up something good today for something great tomorrow.

  • Faith

    In God, in each other, in our country, in our products and business, and in mankind.