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  • Folic acid, the most common form of B9 can’t be efficiently used by everyone due to the MTHFR gene mutation that affects up to half of the US population.
  • Methylfolate, another form of B9, can be efficiently used by everyone - including those with the MTHFR gene mutation!
  • Methylfolate has replaced folic acid in all Peak Performance and Essential Packs!

Vitamin B9 Gives You Energy!

Vitamin B9, also known as folate, is required for many processes in the body. It aids in energy production, and is critical for women of childbearing age.

Folic acid is the most common form of vitamin B9. It is prevalently used in supplements and fortified foods.

MTHF-R Gene Mutation

The MTHF-R gene triggers the production of an enzyme that helps convert the folic acid into a form that our bodies can use. However, it is estimated that up to half of Americans have a mutation of this gene, which makes it difficult to efficiently utilize folic acid.

Those with this mutation may become deficient in vitamin B9 because they aren’t able to efficiently convert and use folic acid. A lack of this vitamin can lead to feelings of fatigue.

Methylated Vitamin B9

Methylfolate is a form of Vitamin B9 that requires no conversion for our bodies to use it efficiently. Taking methylfolate will provide the benefits of Vitamin B9 regardless of whether or not you have the MTHF-R gene mutation.

Life-Changing Products Are Now Formulated With Methylated B Vitamins

Now all Peak Performance and Essential Packs have methylated B vitamins!

Using methylated B vitamins in our products is just another example of Melaleuca’s dedication to cutting-edge science!

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“Regardless of if you have the MTHF-R gene mutation, Peak Performance will change your life.”

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