The Path to Financial Freedom Starts Here

Use the links below to access articles, calculators, and other tools to help you along your way to financial freedom.

First Step to Financial Freedom: No credit card debt and no outstanding balances on any credit card (this includes department store cards, gas cards, travel cards, and major credit cards).

Financial Freedom: No outstanding debt except for your mortgage. This includes all balances with banks, credit unions, car loans, personal loans, and no second mortgage.

Total Financial Freedom: No credit card debt, no outstanding debt, and no mortgage debt. You are completely debt free!

Financial Freedom Awards for those who completely pay off their debt.


Financial Freedom Tools

Use these PDF's and booklet to help you achieve total financial freedom.

Simple Steps to Your Financial Freedom

An easy-to-follow plan to help you achieve your financial goals for a better, more fulfilling life.

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Financial Freedom: Lifting the Burden

Track spending with your own budget sheet for this coming month.

Your plan for success

Financial Freedom: Goal Sheet

Set dates for when you plan to achieve your goals.

Your goal sheet

Melaleuca's Debt-Free Principle

"It’s a philosophy of increasing income, decreasing expenses, and living within our means. It places your family on a path to real financial freedom and makes the concept of financial wealth a reachable goal."

—Frank L. VanderSloot, Melaleuca CEO

Financial Calculators

Use these free online tools to help calculate answers on financing, investment, and retirement. We cover everything from refinancing your home to which IRA makes the most sense for you.

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