Angela Panusky

Making small changes helped Angela Panusky lose 50 pounds.

Small Steps Lead to Big Results

Angela Panusky struggled with her weight all her life. After four kids, her weight wasn’t going anywhere and she decided she needed to do something different. When she found out about the Vitality Weight Loss Program, she realized the key to getting fit was making better decisions and taking smaller steps. Following the Simple Steps guidelines, she began to switch a few things in her diet and eat smaller meals.

“I replaced juice with SplasH20® packets and that really cut out the extra calories. Then I started using Attain Bars between meals and that cut back on my cravings,” says Angela.

She then added Access® Bars to her diet and joined a gym. She incorporated the accountability aspect of the Simple Steps program by discussing her progress with friends.

“I can get stuck in a certain pattern, but having the guide to follow and a friend to talk to on a regular basis helped,” she says.

Making even small changes to a lifestyle can be tricky and take some extra preparations, especially around the holidays.

“Snack foods and sweets are my weakness,” says Angela. “It’s easy to be focused until family events and holidays come up that break your routine.”

Angela made sure that she had a plan in place so she could avoid temptation. Instead of having a slice of cake, she would have a salad or a snack bar.

With a few changes, discipline, and a little planning, she was able to shrink her waistline. Now almost 50 pounds lighter, Angela is still making new goals and taking steps toward them.

“I thought I’d do a 5K because that’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” she says. “It may just be jogging or joining a walking group in my area, or it might just be carrying laundry baskets up the stairs, but there’s always a way to stay busy.”