Iain Rutherford

With help from Melaleuca’s nutritional products, Iain Rutherford lost 120 pounds, improving his health and quality of life.

Simple Steps Lead to Dramatic Changes

After getting his blood pressure under control, Iain Rutherford was able to turn his attention to losing weight and getting in shape.

“I was off my blood pressure medication, but I was overweight,” he says. “I decided to start using the Attain® products and make some lifestyle changes; like the ways that I ate, what I ate, when I ate, etc.”

Along with Attain, Iain used GC Control, Access® Bars, and Vitality products, and he began watching his portion sizes. Over time he saw a big difference and he attributes his success to those lifestyle changes and products.

“I’ve lost more than 120 lbs. in a little over a year,” he says. “It’s been pretty amazing.”

Another part of his weight loss plan included swimming three times a week, something he used to do growing up. He enhanced his workouts by having an Access Bar before swimming and a ProFlex20Shake® afterwards for extra protein.

“The Access Bar has been amazing,” he says. “If I forget to have an Access Bar when I swim I really know about it. At the end I’m exhausted and the next morning I’m aching like crazy.”

Through hard work and discipline, he’s lost 14 inches off his waist, going from a size 48 down to 34, and he cut his lap time in half at the pool.

“When I started, I was swimming a mile and it was taking me about an hour and twenty minutes, but now my time is down to forty minutes for the same mile,” he says.

With his energy levels rising and his waistline shrinking, Iain is happy with his achievements.

“Carrying around 120 fewer pounds is a huge bonus,” he says. “Things like that really make you feel a lot better about yourself and your health.”

Regarding his incredible health improvements, Iain is adamant that willpower is the biggest key to success.

“It’s not like a magic pill, the weight doesn’t just disappear overnight,” he explains. “It does take work, it does take some determination, but the results really do speak for themselves.”

Individual results will vary. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, Melaleuca’s products may help promote a healthy weight and body composition.