Todd Forbush

For Todd Forbush, losing 32 pounds was as simple as just giving the program a try.

No Better Time or Way to Lose Weight

Todd Forbush was looking for a way to lose weight when he heard about Melaleuca’s Vitality Weight Loss Challenge

“It was good timing and I wanted to lose weight anyway, so I just took the challenge,” he says. “With Melaleuca products there’s not a better time or way to do it.”

Having tried other diets in the past, Todd was happy with the results he saw from following the Simple Steps to Success and using products like GC Control™.

“It seemed to help me not crave sweets, so that was really big for me,” he says. “If I take it twice a day, it helps tremendously to curb my cravings.”

In addition to seeing a change in his appetite, Todd noticed that the program had made a difference in his overall health.

With effort and commitment, Todd was able to lose 11% of his body weight and drop from 288 pounds to 256 pounds

“I have more energy, better health, and I think it’s a way to live longer and have a better quality of life,” he says.