Helping People Have a Great Life!

Our Mission:
To Enhance the Lives of Those We Touch by Helping People Reach Their Goals.

Before we opened our doors on September 1, 1985, our founder, Frank VanderSloot, established our Mission Statement. This was to make sure that our focus is always on helping people rather than the typical corporate purpose of making money. This Mission Statement was not written to hang on some walnut plaque in some corporate boardroom. It is the very fabric of why we exist, and is part of every decision we make and everything we do.

Since our mission is to help people reach their goals, we have continually asked people what their goals in life are. We have traveled the globe to every nation where we have Members seeking the answer. What we have learned has been extremely enlightening!


Regardless of nationality, language, or culture, the ultimate goal of almost every person on earth is to simply, “live a great life!” With that understanding, our mission and our focus becomes very clear! We simply help people have a great life! That starts with helping them have a better life!


After years of talking to literally thousands of people around the world we’ve learned that the components that people feel would be necessary for someone to have what they could define as “a great life” are virtually the same all over the world regardless of culture or nationality. There are six key factors! So our efforts are focused on helping people achieve those six factors.

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    1) Good Health

    When it comes to having a great life, good health is always first on the list. It’s impossible to imagine having a great life without good health, being pain-free and having the strength and energy to live every day with gusto.

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    2) Great Relationships

    Going through life with others who love you, and who you love in return.

    It is important to remember when we are caught up in the “daily grind”, of pursuing goals and dealing with life’s challenges, that building, preserving and nurturing relationships with friends, family, and our God is paramount to long-term inner peace and happiness.

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    3) Sufficient Resources

    Having enough resources (finances) to live comfortably, pursue passions, travel, create, and to help others.

    Sufficient resources are crucial to having a great life!

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    4) Find Your Purpose

    Finding and defining who you are and who you’re meant to be.

    Setting and reaching goals that give purpose to your life is paramount to establishing a concept of self-worth and having a great life.

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    5) Peace

    Peace of mind and peace in your surroundings, without turmoil, and without contention.

    Life will always have challenges and hardship, but it does not have to have contention. Even if others around you are contentious, you don’t have to be. Regardless of what hardship comes your way, and regardless of what is happening around you, you can have peace of mind if you have a strong inner constitution, are mentally strong, and if you are comfortable with who you are.

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    6) Freedom

    The freedom to make day-to-day and lifelong choices as you see fit.

    The nation we live in has a lot to do with the freedoms we enjoy. But restrictions on our freedom can come from many outside sources as well. Financial hardship, addictions, lack of self-discipline, and controlling people can all impact our freedom. Melaleuca is dedicated to helping people gain freedom by addressing these limiting elements in our lives. Melaleuca is also dedicated to assuring that our nation stays strong and continues to protect the freedoms preserved in the US Constitution.


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Doing Good Where Good Is Needed

The Melaleuca Foundation was first created in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US. Nearly a million dollars was gifted to assist some of the tragedy’s forgotten families. In 2005, In just hours after Hurricane Katrina struck, The Melaleuca Foundation sent trucks loaded with relief supplies to the Gulf Coast and raised more than $1 million for Katrina relief aid. Since then, The Melaleuca Foundation has continued to alleviate suffering around the world during times of natural disaster and catastrophe. Additionally it is the sole supporter of the Santa Lucia Children’s home—a unique and essential orphanage in Quito, Ecuador.