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Hair, Skin & Nails
Size: 30 capsules Item: 2397

Through our exclusive formula which combines biotin, vitamin A, and thirteen botanical extracts, you will have stronger hair and nails and a more vibrant complexion.

Vitality Vitamin D3
Size: 120 tablets Item: 2799

Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system, bone and muscular health, and metabolic health. Vitality Vitamin D3 provides 2000 IUs of vitamin D3 to battle the effects of Vitamin D deficiency

Good Zymes<sup>™</sup> Digestive Enzymes
Size: 60 capsules Item: 4302

Enjoy the foods you love without the worry of digestive discomfort. Boost your digestive system and promote food and nutrient breakdown with this comprehensive 18-enzyme digestive blend.*

Florify<sup>®</sup> Probiotic
Size: 30 capsules Item: 4304

Florify contains 10 billion cfu of probiotics to help balance and protect your digestive tract for better health and improved nutrient absorption.*

Activate Immune Complex<sup>®</sup>—Immunity Booster
Size: 60 capsules Item: 2562

Boost your body’s natural defenses and strengthen your immune system with the natural power of echinacea, zinc, vitamin C, and other all-natural ingredients.*

A blast of orange flavor with an exclusive blend of vitamins and natural extracts support, rejuvenate, and refresh your immune system to help you stay well and active.*

EstrAval<sup>®</sup> Menopause Support
Size: 60 capsules Item: 2390

Naturally ease menopausal symptoms and cycle irregularity with an exclusive blend of plant estrogens.*

Luminex<sup>®</sup> Mood Support
Size: 90 capsules Item: 2380

Maintain a balanced mood and better cope with the ups and downs of life gently and naturally—without resorting to chemicals or hormones. Utilizes a patented natural formula.

CranBarrier<sup>®</sup> Urinary Tract Support
Size: 60 chewables Item: 6025

Naturally promote urinary tract health with a therapeutic dose of cranberry plus other phytonutrients. Each dose helps form a protective barrier between bacteria and your bladder.

K2-D3 Optimal Calcium Delivery
Size: 30 softgels Item: 8405

K2-D3 helps redirect calcium out of your blood to support vascular and bone health.*

Vitality Calcium Complete<sup>®</sup>
Size: 120 tablets Item: 405

Vitality Calcium Complete® promotes strong bones & teeth and is organically bound for maximum absorption and antioxidant protection.

CellWise<sup>®</sup> Broad Spectrum Antioxidant
Size: 60 tablets Item: 7780

CellWise is now patented! U.S. Patent #8,491,939
The effects of aging—from wrinkles to damaged organs and slower healing—are accelerated by free radicals. Help fight free radicals from head to toe with broad spectrum antioxidant power.

RestEZ<sup>™</sup> Relaxation Support
Size: 30 tablets Item: 8873

Helps soothe mind and body to induce relaxation and promote healthy sleep patterns.*

Vitality Coldwater Omega-3<sup>®</sup>
Size: 60 softgels Item: 1545

Pure, concentrated DHA and EPA Omega-3’s for superior cardiovascular and brain health benefits. Two softgels include the research-recommended dose with no fishy aftertaste.

Prenatal Omega-3<sup>™</sup>
Size: 90 softgels Item: 8545

Give your baby a healthy head start with the recommended balance of DHA & EPA. Specifically formulated to support baby’s brain and eye development. Ideal for pregnant or nursing moms.*

With 1,080mg of research-proven EPA/DHA essential fatty acids, this supplement provides daily support for eye, heart, and brain health–in a flavor the whole family will love.

With 1,080mg of research-proven EPA/DHA essential fatty acids, this supplement provides daily support for eye, heart, and brain health–in a flavor the whole family will love.

CardiOmega EPA<sup>™</sup>
Size: 60 softgels Item: 1548

Specifically formulated to promote a normal response to activity-induced inflammation and support cardiovascular health-all while helping promote rapid recovery.*

ProvexCV<sup>®</sup> Blood Pressure Support
Size: 60 capsules Item: 2000

Helps maintain healthy blood pressure already in the normal range and promotes healthy endothelial function with a patented blend that includes the antioxidant power of 10,000 grapes in every bottle.*

Provex-Plus<sup>®</sup> Circulatory System Antioxidant
Size: 30 capsules Item: 1411

Now one capsule only!* A proprietary combination of grape seed extract, gingko biloba, and bilberry supports healthy circulation and protects organs from damaging free radicals.

Phytomega<sup>®</sup> Cholesterol Support
Size: 120 softgels Item: 2155

Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system

CoQ10+ Cellular Energy Support
Size: 30 softgels Item: 2195

CoQ10+ provides the fundamental fuel that high energy organs–like the heart–need for proper daily function, plus powerful antioxidant support.*

Recover AI<sup>™</sup> Inflammatory Response Support
Size: 60 tablets Item: 7078

Patent-pending blend that promotes normal inflammatory response during and after workouts to support healthy joint and muscle function.*

Replenex<sup>®</sup> Glucosamine Formula
Size: 90 tablets Item: 1691

Natural daily maintenance for joint protection powered by 1500 mg of more-easily-absorbable glucosamine HCL helps support joint mobility and maintain healthy joint cartilage.*

Replenex<sup>®</sup> Extra Strength
Size: 90 tablets Item: 1693

Get the soothing comfort your joints need after exertion with a powerful blend of natural ingredients that helps cushion joints, rebuild cartilage, and support joint flexibility.*

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