Floor Care
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<span style="font-style:italic;">The Gold Bar</span><sup>®</sup> Citrus Scent
Size: 4.5 oz. Item: 117

Experience a refreshing citrus scent as this luxury glycerin bar conditions, moisturizes and cleanses your entire body.

Clean & Gleam<sup>™</sup> Spray Mop + 3 Mop Pads
Size: 4 products Item: 5605

Easily dust, clean, and polish your floors with a floor care system that is safer, effective, and easy on your budget. Specifically designed to be considerate of the environment this mop system utilizes reusable, washable mop pads and a refillable cleaning reservoir.

Clean & Gleam<sup>™</sup> 12x Floor Cleaner
Size: 8 fl. oz. Item: 5612

A clean floor is the satisfying finishing touch to any room. But life’s messiness can get floors dirty again so fast it’s frustrating! Clean & Gleam Floor Cleaner gives you a fast, efficient way to keep your floors clean and shining. The way you want them to be.

Clean & Gleam<sup>™</sup> Floor Polish
Size: 27 fl. oz. Item: 5611

Beautifully polished floors are a joy. They bring out the beauty of your décor and give your home that “model home” look! Clean & Gleam Floor Polish with Optishield brings a fulfilling finishing-touch luster to your floors while also keeping them clean and protected.

Clean & Gleam<sup>™</sup> Mop Pad 3-Pack
Size: 3 products Item: 5606

Exclusively for the Clean & Gleam Mop, this Mop Pad 3-Pack includes 1 of each of the Clean & Gleam Mop Pads – Dusting, Polishing and Cleaning. Each Mop Pad is re-usable and washable.

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