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Includes your choice of Diamond Brite Packs or Gel, your choice of Lemon Brite, one Sol-U-Guard Botanical, and a Pantry 2-Pack of Tough & Tender Wipes. Mixing Spray Bottle not included. Save $4.00

The Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x patented formula is the first EPA-registered disinfectant to combine thyme oil and citric acid as active ingredients in a botanical formula. Mixing Spray Bottle not included. Save $2.00

This EPA-registered botanical disinfectant, powered by thyme oil and citric acid, kills over 99.9% of common household germs—no caustic chlorine bleach or quats required. Mixing Spray Bottle not included.

This sturdy, ergonomic, reusable spray bottle makes mixing and using your concentrated EcoSense cleaners comfortable and convenient, all while helping you save money and reduce plastic waste.

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