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Your current height, weight, age, and gender are all important factors in your daily calorie limit.

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The Simple Steps Plan

How do you hit your daily calorie goal day after day? Our Simple Steps plan helps you do it. Featuring proven products and real results, the Simple Steps plan helps you eat smarter throughout the day, manage cravings, keep your energy, and burn fat more efficiently.

Eat Smaller Meals

Step 1

Three smaller meals of 300-500 calories, plus two snacks of 150-250 calories each, based on your daily calorie limit, help keep your blood sugar stable and your body burning calories.

Small Meals

Switch from three
large meals a day to three small meals and two snacks.

Take GC Control™

Step 2

Melaleuca’s exclusive GC Control is powerful blood sugar metabolism support that helps you manage healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.

Insulin Support

Replace one or two snacks or meals a day with GC Control.

Drink FiberWise®

Step 3

FiberWise gives you fiber in the amounts you need each day with a unique blend of 7 fiber sources for optimum full-body benefits.

Fiber fill-up

Drink one serving of FiberWise before
eating dinner.

Eat Access®

Step 4

Consumed before you exercise, Access kick-starts your body’s fat-burning process and helps turn fat
into fuel.

Fat Burner

Exercise 45 minutes each day after eating an Access Bar.

Drink ProFlex20®


ProFlex20 helps restore, repair, and strengthen your muscle tissue—and balance your energy levels.

Protein Boost

For added protein, drink a ProFlex20 shake within an hour after finishing your workout.

Start Off Right

Take the guesswork out of healthy weight loss.
For more than two decades, Melaleuca has pioneered innovative solutions that combine the best of science and nature to tackle threats to our health—from obesity to cardiovascular health and metabolic syndrome.