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It’s all right here: Melaleuca’s wealth of information, tools, tips, recipes, and success stories that can support you on your journey to wellness.

The 4 Essentials of
Healthy Weight Loss

Too many diets promise fast weight loss—but ignore the healthy lifestyle changes that help you manage your
new weight.

Our approach is different at Melaleuca. We believe the best way to lose weight is by following 4 healthy essentials: eating smart, getting active, taking Vitality™, and staying accountable.

By following these essentials, you won’t just find it easier to lose weight. You’ll feel better. You’ll have more energy. You’ll find yourself enjoying life more.

Learn about eating healthier, read articles about food and nutrition, discover delicious recipes, and find others’ success stories.

Get exercise tips straight from the experts, learn the essentials of staying active, and stay current on fitness news and research.

Explore the science behind Vitality™ with Oligo® and discover the benefits of optimum daily nutrition.

Learn the 5 Keys of Accountability, read success stories, and get powerful tips for teaming up and tracking your progress.

Melaleuca’s Guide to Healthy Weight Loss

In 32 information-packed pages, Melaleuca’s exclusive Simple Steps guide dives deep into the 4 essentials of healthy weight loss—complete with a full self-assessment, nutritional supplementation
suggestions, and a sample wellness plan
for tracking your success.

Vitality for Life™ Magazine

Get ongoing support and expert advice!
Introducing Vitality for Life magazine—like a friend that supports and encourages you through every step of your wellness journey. The all-new Vitality for Life magazine helps keep you on track with valuable regular features:

November 2013

  • Delicious recipes you can make in minutes
  • Specific exercises to target trouble spots
  • Advice from fitness and wellness experts
  • The latest health and fitness news and research
  • Encouragement from others just like you
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