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Your body was built to move. That’s why regular exercise is so important—you won’t feel great or achieve your wellness goals without it! Research has shown that 45 minutes of moderate exercise a day delivers real health benefits. Click a link below for a wealth of info about getting the most from your exercise.

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Exercise Essentials

This is aerobic, cardio, and strength training central. Use these exercises to build workouts, get moving, and get into shape.

6 Exercise That Target
Your Abs
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Walk Your Way
To Wellness
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Stronger, Sleeker Legs
in 6 Moves
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Here are some great experiences shared with Melaleuca by people just like you. Let their stories inspire you!

Doug and Sue Dicke

“My goal wasn’t to win the contest, but to lose weight,” says Sue. But for not aiming to win, she did pretty well. She lost 22 pounds over 8 weeks— almost 12% of her weight—and posted a 7th place finish, which she considers a complete success. “It’s amazing what losing 22 pounds will do for you,” she says.

Your body was built to move, so if you want to be physically “well,” you’re going to have to get moving.

Make exercise a habit

Once exercise becomes a daily part of your life, you may very well wonder why you ever lived without it. But that won’t happen overnight.

Work toward a goal

You should start with a goal in mind.

moderate exercise for
45 minutes daily.

That’s the amount that has been shown to deliver real health benefits.