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Proven, core ingredients support energy, strength, and endurance to improve your results and accelerate you towards your fitness goals.


Come back faster and stronger with proven formulas that offer soothing relief and speed muscle, joint, and cadiovascular recovery.

Melaleuca Energy Shots

With power-packed antioxidant energy blends and B vitamins inside, Melaleuca Energy Shots gives you lasting energy plus improved focus and endurance—with no sugar, no calories, and no sugar crash.* Enjoy Energy Kick (with caffeine) or caffeine-free B-Fuel.

  • Quick, long-lasting energy*
  • Improve focus and alertness*
  • Boost your endurance*

Single Shots

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Energy Kick Single Shot — Fruit Punch
Energy Kick Single Shot — Peach Mango
B-Fuel Single Shot - Grape
B-Fuel Single Shot - Raspberry Lemonade

Shot 6-Pack

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A reliable
Boost With

  • No sugar
  • No calories
  • No artificial flavors

Drink 1/2 bottle for moderate energy—1 full bottle for even more energy.

Pure Creatine

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to benefit from creatine. Vitality Elevate™ Pure Creatine uses high-quality micronized creatine to help supercharge any resistance training program.*

  • Get more from your resistance training
  • Build lean muscle and strength
  • Maintain muscle mass and tone as you age
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Each muscle contraction releases phosphates. Pure Creatine replenishes phosphates providing more energy to burn.

On Demand

More phosphates means more endurance. More endurance means a longer, more effective workout.

4:1:1 BCAA Ratio
6g BCAAs
3g Glutamine

Amino Boost

Vitality Elevate™ Amino Boost is a zero-sugar boost of BCAAs—or branched-chain amino acids—and glutamine. Amino Boost acts quickly to stimulate protein synthesis, helping reduce muscle breakdown, support fat loss, and improve fitness performance and recovery. It can also help maintain lean muscle as you focus on eating a healthy, lower-calorie diet.*

Amino Boost delivers 6 grams of high-performance BCAAs per serving in a 4:1:1 ratio (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) with an additional 3 grams of glutamine to enhance recovery and extend the benefits from the BCAAs. Drink during or after exercise.*

  • Helps build lean muscle and prevent muscle loss*
  • Supports fat loss efforts*
  • Helps optimize post-exercise recovery*
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Your Amino Acids

BCAAs are some of the first amino acids to be pulled from muscle tissue for a source of energy.

30g Protein
6.8g BCAAs
0g Sugar

Ultra-Performance Protein

Vitality Elevate™ Ultra-Performance Protein delivers a serious post-workout recharge with high amounts of fast-absorbing whey protein isolate and concentrate, coupled with micellar casein to help extend the impact of whey protein and the release of critical amino acids, as well as help boost muscle nitrogen balance.

  • Build lean muscle after intense exercise
  • Maximize your recovery efforts
  • Great-tasting, ultra-lean protein shake
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Ultra Performace Protein - Vanilla
Ultra Performace Protein - Chocolate
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Protein Blend

Designed to boost muscle nitrogen balance for optimum muscle support and recovery.

20g Protein
3.5g BCAAs
7g Fiber

Ultra-Performance Protein Bars

Perfect for a post-workout recharge, Ultra-Performance Protein Bars deliver both fast-absorbing and gradual-absorbing proteins to provide a steady flow of amino acids over time and boost nitrogen balance to support lean muscle growth and retention.

  • Great-tasting, satisfying nutrition
  • Delivers extended amino acid release
  • Helps build and retain lean muscle
  • Promotes recovery from exercise
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Protein Bar – Double Chocolate Crisp
Protein Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch
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Protein Blend

Designed to boost muscle nitrogen balance for optimum muscle support and recovery.