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I started taking the Vitality Total Pack about 10 weeks ago. I am once again able to exercise, and perform my daily tasks. Thank you Melaleuca for this incredible product.
Brian B Bush , Customer, Preferred Member Since 2012
I count on your great suite of supplements to "keep me in the game". As a 72 year old personal trainer with clients age 17-84 and an average 4 hour day, my energy needs are enormous. I often include a basketball or racquet ball game in my daily activites. People are simply amazed that I "still have it". They don't know my secret. THANKS, MELALEUCA.
We love them!! Before we started with vitality we were spending a lot of money on other brands. I thought we were having good results until we started with vitality. I can't live with out them. I feel great with energy I sleep like a baby!! Since taking vitality my husband and I feel better.
I was taking Melaleuca's vitamins with the Fructose Compounding. Since I have switched to the Oligofructose Complex ones I have noticed a slight increase in energy, and my fingernails are stronger, but the big difference I notice, is my hair! It is slowly but surely returning to my origional color. I went blond to cover my platnum. Then when I was 90%platnum, I quit coloring. Now I probably have about 25% of my dark! Thank You Melaleuca!
Getting my husband to take vitamins used to be a chore. I think he just didn´t see much difference. Taking the Vitality 6, so conveniently packaged, has made a big difference in his overall health. His family has a history of heart problems, but I know he´s getting the best vitamins available. He eats right, exercises, and at 60 years old has more energy than some half his age. Thank you, Melaleuca!
We have been shopping with Melaleuca almost five years and we have noticed a big improvement in all of our family's overall health.
I was already loving the Vitality For Life products and wondered how could they be even better? WOW! I am 62 years on the calendar but about 45 years in how I feel. I am strong, full of energy, glowing skin, strong nails and hair, vibrant. I take the 50+ Total Vitality Pack and I don't leave home without them.
I am a 50-year-old aerobics instructor and personal trainer who works out as many as three times a day, and I have the energy to meet that lifestyle. I know that the Oligo vitamins work because occasionally I’ll forget to take a morning or night pack and, BAM! I’m dragging. Thanks Melaleuca!
The Vitality Pack is amazing and I can tell when I don't take it. My husband Mike works about 80 hours a week and he is very involved in the community as well as his daily job and he is in the schools weekly to teach them about the weather. He has more energy than anyone I have ever met and he never misses taking his vitamns.
I take the Vitality 6 every day because I it gives me the energy to make it through the day without getting tired in the afternoon. What we do now to protect our health is going to make the difference as we age. I love the fact that the solubility is so high. We only have one life, why not make it a healthy one?
I am 59 years old and have been active in water skiing, downhill snow skiing, off-road motorcycle riding and other similar things that can be hard on your body. I have been using the Melaleuca nutritional supplements for more than 10 years. The end of November 2008, my wife, Paula, and I went on a three-week trip to the United Kingdom to visit family and friends. Due to poor planning, our Melaleuca order did not arrive before our flight left so we were forced to go without our Vitality Pack. Big mistake! By the end of the first week, my muscles were aching, I wanted to nap and was very restless at night. The second week only got worse, I was napping for at least one to two hours, the bed had become unbelievably uncomfortable and I was sleeping very poorly. By the end of the third week, I required at minimum a two-hour nap just to make it through the day, even my muscles ached and the bed was more of a nightmare than a relief. The eight-hour flight home was by far the most miserable flight I have ever been on, at no fault of the airline. The day we got home I started taking Oligo and extra Replenex® for about four days and, WOW, what a difference. I will never go a day, let alone on any extended trip, without the Melaleuca vitamins.