Truly Essential Nutrition

You need vitamins and minerals to live, and you have to get them from your diet.

The most common, natural source of vitamins and minerals is fruits and vegetables, but according to a 2009 report from the Centers for Disease Control, only 14% of U.S. adults and less than 10% of U.S. teens are eating the recommended minimum of two daily servings of fruit and at least three daily servings of vegetables.1 Sobering facts like these have prompted doctors to recommend that all adults take a daily multivitamin.2

Amounts Do Matter

Taking vitamins more than once a day ensures a constant source of vital nutrition.

As humans, we are designed to eat several times a day. So it only makes sense that we need to supplement that often. Supplementing the diet with the Vitality Pack twice daily helps provide the ideal amounts of vitamins and minerals throughout the day.

This is especially true for vitamins. The body cannot store most vitamins, so they are only of benefit for a limited time. Taking a vitamin twice daily helps ensure your body is replenished with a constant supply to maintain optimal health.

Putting Long-term Benefits at Risk

You may not feel a difference when you skip, but the consequences are real.

Most vitamins and minerals provide more than one benefit to the body. Some maintain critical functions such as regulating your heart, while others maintain a strong immune system and help the body rejuvenate itself.* Your body has an incredible capacity to prioritize these benefits and allocate them, much like doctors prioritize patients in an emergency room.

In your body, vitamins and minerals are utilized first to maintain your critical life functions, and then–and only if there is enough–it will use them for rejuvenation, repair, and other more long-term benefits.* As a result, you may not feel a lot of difference if you skip a day or two, but over time, the deficiencies can add up. Many illnesses and diseases, such as osteoporosis, have a direct link to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

1. “State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables, 2009,” Centers for Disease Control, Sept. 29, 2009.

2. Journal of the American Medical Association, vol. 287, no. 23, 2002, p. 3127–3129.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Mom always said to eat your fruits and veggies, and Mom was right. Fruits and vegetables are some of the best natural sources for critical vitamins and minerals, but too few of us heed Mom’s advice.

In September of 2009, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that only 14% of adults and only 9.5% of adolescents eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day. That creates a huge nutritional gap. Fortunately, the Vitality Pack with Oligo can help close that gap.

The amounts of critical nutrients in the Vitality Pack go far beyond daily minimum requirements. It contains research- recommended amounts from the finest sources to help your body get more of the vitamins and minerals you need for optimal daily health.