Referrals easier than ever
To get started, call the person who referred you or call 208-522-0870 option #3
How many of your friends or family would benefit from the exceptional products Melaleuca has to offer?

Simply refer them to switch stores to Melaleuca and they'll be rewarded with better health and a safer home and you'll be rewarded with a residual loyalty check. To get started, talk to the person who referred you or call 208-522-0870 then choose option #3.

To date, we've paid $2.7 billion to families for referring others to shop and save at Melaleuca.

Melaleuca sends hundreds of thousands of checks every month to families who've recommended our products to others. It's easy to do. And absolutely worth it. Unlike other referral programs, Melaleuca income is residual and can keep coming month after month after month.

What the Stabile Family Discovered
Stabile Family Photo

Karen Stabile was a busy mother of two, pregnant with her third child, and a Melaleuca customer. She loved Melaleuca products and the ability to shop from home. Her friend Liz Dwyer (who had introduced Karen to Melaleuca) suggested Karen could make some extra money by referring others. But Karen wasn't initially interested.

At the time, Karen worked as a freelance graphic designer from home, did some work in public relations, and was pursuing a degree so she could teach English as a second language.

It was precisely because Karen was so busy that Liz knew the extra money from Melaleuca would be so helpful. It could give her the income she needed to work less and put life first. Liz called and thanked Karen for being her eighth customer she referred that month. "She told me I helped her earn $500," Karen says. "Then she called back the next month and told me she earned $1,000."

Liz now had Karen's attention. Karen started to get really interested in how she could make an income with Melaleuca. "My goal was to make enough to get my products paid for," she says. "But once I started, I knew I'd never stop." Today, Karen makes over $6,000 a month from simply referring people to the products she already loves.*

* Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics in your Building Melaleuca Business Booklet for complete details.