How-To: The Day-to-Night Face
A few touch-ups intensify your colors to make your casual day look ready for evening glamour.

Five Minute Face

Day-to-Night Face

Classic Face

Smoky Eye &
Nude Lip

Retro Glam
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To get the look demonstrated in the video, use these suggested Sei Bella products. For help selecting your most flattering colors, take the Color Quiz.
Because skin tones vary so much, the actual basework products for this look are customizable. Click here to select your products. To learn more about selecting foundation and concealer, read the Foundation Shades and Coverage PDF.
3454 Bronze Glo Powder
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9086 Powder Blush -
Peony (matte)
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8824 Eye Shadow - Hazelnut (matte) (Base)
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8844 Eye Shadow -
Raisin (Contour)
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7734 Intense Liquid
Liner - Black
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8228 Volumizing
Mascara - Black
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6810 Definition Lip
Pencil - Raisin
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8900 Brilliance Plump
Lip Gloss -
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