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  • Limited Time Fragrance. The fragrance of juicy, fresh-picked apples, sprinkled with sweet brown sugar and shimmering lemon zest over breaths of applewood and orchard greens. Rich moisturizing ButterSilk lavishes skin with a fresh, fruity fragrance

  • Four of your favorite personal care items in a bundle for a special savings, including: Body Satin Body Wash, Body Lotion, Sheer Confidence Deodorant and the Body Satin Exfoliating Mesh Sponge.

  • Three fresh and energizing products including Alloy Sport Body Wash, Shamp-ditioner, and Body Spray, in a money-saving package

  • Save by choosing two of your favorite moisturizing body wash scents.

  • Go to town with this lively mix of polished and playful. A daring balance of wild daisies, tangy tangelos, and sweet passion fruit dances over sleek musk and soft woods.

  • Set sail for an island paradise and find the lush wild beaches where soft hints of tropical blooms float on monoi and coconut breezes over breaths of bergamot.

  • Moisturizing body wash with the exclusive ButterSilk blend of shea, cocoa, and mango butter with an enticing amber and honey scent mingled with fresh lily florals and sun ripened fig.

  • Natural cleansers eliminate dirt and oils while moisturizers soften skin.

  • Natural cleansers eliminate dirt and oils while moisturizers soften skin.

  • Formulated specifically to help dry skin retain more moisture—providing immediate, soothing relief.

  • Revitalizing scrubbing beads and exclusive ButterSilk blend of shea, cocoa and mango butters, leaves skin with a youthful glow.

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