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Take Renew Intensive Skin Therapy, for example. It's unique formula combines ingredients that don't easily mix together but are necessary for the kind of rapid skin healing only Renew can provide. The result is a product that is clinically proven to outperform the leading dermatologist-recommended lotion in every test that measures the healing of dry skin.

How does Melaleuca continue to develop these unprecedented breakthroughs? Melaleuca research scientists are given latitude not experienced at other companies. Freedom to create products that tackle problems using original methods. Innovations that rely on nature and are built upon the premise that given the right conditions, the human body has amazing capacity to heal itself.

To make an effective moisturizer, everything depends on combining high amounts of two ingredients—glycerin and a powerful moisture barrier.

However, adding glycerin makes a lotion heavier and stickier. Adding a moisture barrier makes a lotion feel greasier. As a result, many moisturizer brands simply use less of each ingredient. They achieve a lighter, creamier lotion, but without the strong moisturizing powers of a truly beneficial lotion.

When Melaleuca scientists set out to create Renew, they found a different solution—a breakthrough technology that made it possible to mix glycerin and a moisture barrier in high amounts in a lotion that was still light and pleasant-feeling. It's the world's absolute best long-term solution for chronic dry skin.