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The energy and balance Vitality 6 is bringing to my life is incredible!
Lisa Rienstra, Director, Preferred Customer Since 2010
About a week after I started taking the vitamins, I noticed I had more energy, I was sleeping better, I didn’t need as much sleep and overall I just felt better mentally and physically. I enrolled with Vitality for Life.com in July 2007 and have maintained a 30-pound weight loss to date. I’m 57 years old and I feel better than I did when I was 27. People can’t believe I’m the age I am. I move like a much younger person and as a result I think younger as well. The best part is helping others find out about this great company and their incredible products. If I have my way, everyone I know and meet will try the new vitamins with Oligo. Everyone deserves good health; truly, without it you have nothing.
We have been shopping with Melaleuca almost five years and we have noticed a big improvement in all of our family's overall health.
Since using the Vitality 4 for women I've noticed a tremendous results in 2 weeks. I have so much more energy and I feel rested in the morning. No need for afternoon naps make it thru the day happy and cheerful. They are very easy to take am-pm packs. Thank you Melaleuca for this outstanding product and I will share this product with everyone. Always greatful Milena Halavanja Niagara Falls,ON
I count on the new vitality pack made with Oligo-Frutose complex it has made a dramatic improvement in my health.I have had a very stressful time with my father being hospitalized and his wife passing away. I'm thankful for Melaleuca products. I feel ful of energy even holding down two jobs and attending school. Thank you Melaleuca for Oligofructose Complex vitamins and their solubility and for keeping me healthy.
My doctor says this is what I need.
Ever since I have started taking the Vitality Pack with Oligo, I have tons of energy! I have never used a vitamin that increased my energy this much. I trust Melaleuca as they research everything that they make with scientific data. That is important to me. This is not hype. The Vitality Pack really works! You have to give these a try!
I love the Vitamin's! I have been more healthy, have more energy and feel like a 25 year old and I'm over 40!! I would recommend them to anyone who wants to be healthier. Thank you Melaleuca!
I was taking Melaleuca's vitamins with the Fructose Compounding. Since I have switched to the Oligofructose Complex ones I have noticed a slight increase in energy, and my fingernails are stronger, but the big difference I notice, is my hair! It is slowly but surely returning to my origional color. I went blond to cover my platnum. Then when I was 90%platnum, I quit coloring. Now I probably have about 25% of my dark! Thank You Melaleuca!
I am currently four months pregnant and just had an assessment of my general health. I am 39 years old and have been taking the Vitality Pack® for 10 years, and for the past six months have been taking the Prenatal Pack. I have had a great pregnancy so far (I didn’t have any problems during my first pregnancy with my now 3-year-old either), but the doctor told me my health was excellent. Thanks, Melaleuca, there is nothing more important than good health for you and your family and I always know that I have the BEST products in the world to keep my family and myself healthy—it really means the world to us!
My experience with the Vitality Total for 50 plus has been an experience I have never experienced in any vitamins. I feel very clean inside my body. I have great energy, probably more than I need. I've been taking the Vitality Total from the first time they were introduced in Utah at last years convention. I'm always recommending the vitamins to my customers. I tell them this is the way to go if you are going to take vitamins. Adding the Oligofructose Complex to the vitamins has made a difference in my life as a vitamin taker.
Tester tried the product for the first time and he said that he has much more energy during the day. That he no longer finds himself dosing off at work.(Canada)
Gloria L. Bethelmie
Preferred Customer Since 2008
I ran out of my vitamins in mid February; it is now March 5th and I am feeling the difference from not taking the vitamins. The packetts give me verything I need for health and energy.
Karyn A Simpkins
Preferred Customer Since 2008
This is the only vitamin pack that works for me. Have tried all the others and nothing compares to this product.
Teresa Soto
Preferred Customer Since 2007