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I have tried many different types of Prenatal vitamins. I decided to try the Vitality Pack for Women in November of 2011. I figured why not try it, it is much less expensive than what I had been doing. Taking the vitamins made all the difference. I am continuing to take them to regain my health and hopefully have regular cycles again. I may take the other supplements eventually, however saw such great improvement in my health from just taking the multivitamin and calcium supplements. Thank you for offering a solution for having minerals and vitamins absorb so much better into the body.
Kim & Everett Kvamme, Customer, Preferred Member Since 2012
I am the mother of seven beautiful children. Until last October I didn’t have the energy to look after them. Every morning I would drag myself out of bed and do what I had to do but all I could think about was “when can I go back to bed?” I would take a long nap every day but still felt exhausted. I exercised to gain energy, I lost weight, I quit breast-feeding, I ate healthy foods including every supplement I could find that promised energy. NOTHING helped!! One day a cousin of mine told me to try her vitamins (Vitality 4™ Essentials). Literally, within two days I was bouncing off the walls with energy! I would try to lie down for my customary nap but I couldn’t sleep! I now have the energy to look after my household and run my own Melaleuca business. My husband won’t let me get off the Vitality Pack. Thank you Melaleuca for developing Oligo! I’ve never felt better!
I am 59 years old and have been active in water skiing, downhill snow skiing, off-road motorcycle riding and other similar things that can be hard on your body. I have been using the Melaleuca nutritional supplements for more than 10 years. The end of November 2008, my wife, Paula, and I went on a three-week trip to the United Kingdom to visit family and friends. Due to poor planning, our Melaleuca order did not arrive before our flight left so we were forced to go without our Vitality Pack. Big mistake! By the end of the first week, my muscles were aching, I wanted to nap and was very restless at night. The second week only got worse, I was napping for at least one to two hours, the bed had become unbelievably uncomfortable and I was sleeping very poorly. By the end of the third week, I required at minimum a two-hour nap just to make it through the day, even my muscles ached and the bed was more of a nightmare than a relief. The eight-hour flight home was by far the most miserable flight I have ever been on, at no fault of the airline. The day we got home I started taking Oligo and extra Replenex® for about four days and, WOW, what a difference. I will never go a day, let alone on any extended trip, without the Melaleuca vitamins.
wonderful! Just had my 7 baby! Using this new formula since it came out, while nursing my new baby. It so helps me to have the extra energy I need. I am 45 years old and had a EXTREMLY healthy pregnancy! My Dr. could not believe at my AMA advance maternal age I had no medical problems. I thank God for His Grace and great products like this!
My husband has been taking vitamins for most of his life. He never has really felt rejuvenated. If wasn't until he started taking the Vitality packs that he noticed a tremendous difference in his energy levels. The results were immediate...just days! He feels great every day and if he runs out of the Vitality pack he definitely feels the difference. We try not to let that happen. Thank you Melaleuca for your Oligo Complex! We couldn't live without it now.
I count on the new vitality pack made with Oligo-Frutose complex it has made a dramatic improvement in my health.I have had a very stressful time with my father being hospitalized and his wife passing away. I'm thankful for Melaleuca products. I feel ful of energy even holding down two jobs and attending school. Thank you Melaleuca for Oligofructose Complex vitamins and their solubility and for keeping me healthy.
Thanks for the opportunity to share my story about Vitality vitamins. I am 53 and I have endless energy because I take the vitamins and mineral complex. I bike20-30 km 4-5 times a week or walk 6km on the off days. Thanks Shirley Smith
I started using the Vitality pack with Oligo back in January. I love taking the Vitality pack because I feel full of energy. I'm like a burning machine with lots of natural energy.
I am 60 years old and I feel like I'm 50 again. The Vitality pack is certainly named right.I not only have more get up and go , but just like the energizer bunny I keep going and going. Thank you keep up the good work.
I am currently four months pregnant and just had an assessment of my general health. I am 39 years old and have been taking the Vitality Pack® for 10 years, and for the past six months have been taking the Prenatal Pack. I have had a great pregnancy so far (I didn’t have any problems during my first pregnancy with my now 3-year-old either), but the doctor told me my health was excellent. Thanks, Melaleuca, there is nothing more important than good health for you and your family and I always know that I have the BEST products in the world to keep my family and myself healthy—it really means the world to us!
Though I have diligently taken prenatal vitamins everyday through my pregnancy, I've never put much stock in supplements; I figured all were the same and just filled in what I wasn't getting from my diet. When I switched from my regular prenatal vitamins to the Vitality Prenatals I became a believer. Within a week of taking them my energy returned, I was no longer snapping at my toddler or stumbling wearily through each day. I wish I'd found this product during my last pregnancy!