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I am a cancer survivor and was introduced to Melaleuca by my sister in 2000. Back then they products helped my with mouth sores. I didn't know back then that Melaleuca sold vitamins. Now I do! After chemotherapy treatment I developed Chrohn's disease in which it is nearly impossible to absorb nutrient into my intestines. I struggled with taking the medications for years with no help and no respite and my condition grew worse to the point of losing 10-15 pounds everytime the diseased flared up. Then my niece reintroduced me to Melaleuca and the Oligo vitamins in the beginning of 2012. I started slowing by taking Cellwise and did have more energy with them and them I moved to taking Cellwise, The Vitality Pack for Women and Florify and I can proudly say that I have not had a flareup since starting to use these vitamins.
Anissia R Balistreri, Customer, Preferred Customer Since 2012
We have been shopping with Melaleuca almost five years and we have noticed a big improvement in all of our family's overall health.
I am currently four months pregnant and just had an assessment of my general health. I am 39 years old and have been taking the Vitality Pack® for 10 years, and for the past six months have been taking the Prenatal Pack. I have had a great pregnancy so far (I didn’t have any problems during my first pregnancy with my now 3-year-old either), but the doctor told me my health was excellent. Thanks, Melaleuca, there is nothing more important than good health for you and your family and I always know that I have the BEST products in the world to keep my family and myself healthy—it really means the world to us!
I am a 50-year-old aerobics instructor and personal trainer who works out as many as three times a day, and I have the energy to meet that lifestyle. I know that the Oligo vitamins work because occasionally I’ll forget to take a morning or night pack and, BAM! I’m dragging. Thanks Melaleuca!
Vitality lives up to it's name because that's what it has meant for me. This is the first vitamin supplement that made a noticeable difference in not only my energy, but I notice more calm in times of stress.
I started taking the Vitality 4 pack along with the Provex CV. I have been taking the vitamins for about 2 months now. My mother, 49 years of age, just passed away in November unexpectedly. So I began taking sleeping pills to manage my insomnia due to all the stress in my life. A friend of mine introduced me to Melaleuca & gave me the pitch about the Oligofructose Complex in the vitamins. I was skeptical at first, but went ahead and tried it, what did I have to lose right? Well..I had a lot to lose I found out! I now am sleeping pill free!!! I used to heavily rely on coffee every morning, but I don't need it or crave it anymore because the AM pack gives me a ton of energy and I've never performed better at work. My memory is better, I'm definitely on top of my game, and my co-workers notice the change in me! I was so excited I started telling everyone my experience. Melaleuca has really done their homework on the formulation of their vitamins & my experience proves it. Victoria Albertson
I am a cancer survivor. After my radiation treatment I had very poor health. I searched everywhere for the right combination of vitamins to try and restore my level of wellness. I had so many bottles of vitamins and minerals floating around trying to achieve a good daily intact of vitamins. These vitamins have everything I need in 2 tiny packages. I LOVE it. They are easy to take with me when I travel and at home. I also showed these to my Dr. and he felt they were an excellent source of all the vitamins and minerals needed.
I had no intention of switching to Vitality vitamins when I joined Melaleuca. However, since they were part of the value pack I thought I'd give them a try. After a few days I noticed I didn't feel like taking a nap when I put my son down for his nap any more. Then my husband noticed that I no longer counted down the minutes until bedtime. I thought I wonder if it is the vitamins. Well half way through the next month I used my last Vitality pack. Within a couple of days I was dragging once again. Needless to say I placed a second order that month--this time including the vitamins. I wake up feeling refreshed which is something I haven't felt since my son was born almost 2yrs ago. I love them. They have given me back hours in my day.
My wife and I joined Melaleuca in July of 2007 and have been taking Vitality Total ever since. I have had alot more energy and my cholesterol & blood pressure levels where they should be. I will be taking the Vitality Multivitamin and Mineral supplements from Melaleuca for the rest of my life, and of course will continue to tell others about them!
Extraordinary research and development have led to a leader in the industry. I feel great at 64 and have energy for a full day from 5:30 AM workouts, working a full day, caring for family, home and garden until 10 PM at night. I never miss a beat and have many people remarking on my endless energy and health. Thank you Melaleuca for your dedication to human wellness and care for our environment. A winning combination! Marilyn Larez Director III
Since using Vitality 4 Essentials for woman, I have noticed a major change in how I feel! I have so much more energy and sleep so peacefully at night. I awaken, feeling ready for the day with so much energy. Oh, I must not forget, not only do I feel more energy, I also feel a sense of peace! That´s HUGE!!!
Tester tried the product for the first time and he said that he has much more energy during the day. That he no longer finds himself dosing off at work.(Canada)
Gloria L. Bethelmie
Preferred Customer Since 2008
I ran out of my vitamins in mid February; it is now March 5th and I am feeling the difference from not taking the vitamins. The packetts give me verything I need for health and energy.
Karyn A Simpkins
Preferred Customer Since 2008
This is the only vitamin pack that works for me. Have tried all the others and nothing compares to this product.
Teresa Soto
Preferred Customer Since 2007