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The energy and balance Vitality 6 is bringing to my life is incredible!
Lisa Rienstra, Director, Preferred Customer Since 2010
The best vitamins EVER!!!! Now I have reason to love them even more! Thank you for providing an excellent vitamin at an unbelievable price. EVERYONE should be using these vitamins!! The world would be a much better place.
I just have to say, my sisters take the vitamins and we all agreed that without the vitamins, I dont know how we would have had the energy, focus or where withall to make it through these difficult times. I wish everyone would take these vitamins and use these products! We owe it to ourselves to be healthy in ourdaily lives when it all is good-but more when they arent.
As a professional chef I have always tried to stay on the cutting edge of good nutrition. I’ve also known that no matter how much I knew, eating a good diet, where I am getting all of my needed nutrients, is next to impossible. Despite my focus on nutrition, my family lovingly refers to me as ‘The Queen of Naps.’ Every day at 3 p.m. it felt, for me, like the blinds had come down. No matter what, I found a way to take my needed nap, even if it meant lying on the floor in one of my restaurants covered up with a tablecloth! I had been taking the Melaleuca vitamins for about six weeks, when my husband walked past my desk one afternoon at 3 p.m., and asked, ‘Why aren’t you taking a nap?’ It was then that I realized not only did I not feel like taking a nap, I actually hadn’t taken one in weeks! So that was my first clue that these vitamins worked better for me than ANYTHING I have ever tried before! I’ve continued to take them daily. Everyone is happier, more energetic, and healthier.
I am 84 years of age. My husband had 5 by-pass surgery last fall and was in ICU for 2 months. During that time I was able to stay with him at the hospital which was 50 miles from our home. I had my Oligofructose vitamins, Replenex and Nutraview with me. Your company even sent my Nov. & Dec. order directly to the hospital so I was never without them. I feel that by having the Oligofructose vitamins with me, I was able to keep myself healthy for those 2 months in the hospital surroundings and then during my return home. I am still going strong & know that your superior products have been my salvation during these stressful times. Edna F. Steele
I love these vitamins. I have been taking them for 7 months. I have never felt better. Give them a try!!!
I was already loving the Vitality For Life products and wondered how could they be even better? WOW! I am 62 years on the calendar but about 45 years in how I feel. I am strong, full of energy, glowing skin, strong nails and hair, vibrant. I take the 50+ Total Vitality Pack and I don't leave home without them.
After I started taking the Vitality Pack, I found I had not only more energy, but I was also in a better mood all together. I feel healthy & vibrant, and I think it's the way I SHOULD feel!
Before I heard of Oligo I didn’t feel well. I have four kids and life was crazy busy, and I didn’t feel healthy. Within two weeks I had renewed energy. Within a month I was doing things I haven’t done in a long time. Oligo has turned the lights on in my body. Thank you, Melaleuca!
At 47 I was truly interested in having more energy, protection from free radicals, and a healther overall body portrait. I began the Vitality 4 when I got my Value Pack. Within days my energy level skyrocketed. Within a month my hair and nails were in the best condition they had EVER been in. I am now shining with energy and feeling secure about my health.
I am 59 years old and have been active in water skiing, downhill snow skiing, off-road motorcycle riding and other similar things that can be hard on your body. I have been using the Melaleuca nutritional supplements for more than 10 years. The end of November 2008, my wife, Paula, and I went on a three-week trip to the United Kingdom to visit family and friends. Due to poor planning, our Melaleuca order did not arrive before our flight left so we were forced to go without our Vitality Pack. Big mistake! By the end of the first week, my muscles were aching, I wanted to nap and was very restless at night. The second week only got worse, I was napping for at least one to two hours, the bed had become unbelievably uncomfortable and I was sleeping very poorly. By the end of the third week, I required at minimum a two-hour nap just to make it through the day, even my muscles ached and the bed was more of a nightmare than a relief. The eight-hour flight home was by far the most miserable flight I have ever been on, at no fault of the airline. The day we got home I started taking Oligo and extra Replenex® for about four days and, WOW, what a difference. I will never go a day, let alone on any extended trip, without the Melaleuca vitamins.
Tester tried the product for the first time and he said that he has much more energy during the day. That he no longer finds himself dosing off at work.(Canada)
Gloria L. Bethelmie
Preferred Customer Since 2008
I ran out of my vitamins in mid February; it is now March 5th and I am feeling the difference from not taking the vitamins. The packetts give me verything I need for health and energy.
Karyn A Simpkins
Preferred Customer Since 2008
This is the only vitamin pack that works for me. Have tried all the others and nothing compares to this product.
Teresa Soto
Preferred Customer Since 2007