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I have tried many different types of Prenatal vitamins. I decided to try the Vitality Pack for Women in November of 2011. I figured why not try it, it is much less expensive than what I had been doing. Taking the vitamins made all the difference. I am continuing to take them to regain my health and hopefully have regular cycles again. I may take the other supplements eventually, however saw such great improvement in my health from just taking the multivitamin and calcium supplements. Thank you for offering a solution for having minerals and vitamins absorb so much better into the body.
Kim & Everett Kvamme, Customer, Preferred Member Since 2012
The Vitality pack definitely keeps me going. I feel more energy and don't get sick as often. The Vitality pack with Oligo delivers minerals, "Just like nature". Everyone should definitely be on the Vitality Pack!
After having our sixth child I was feeling a little bit raked over the coals. My doctor suggested a multi vitamin. Have you ever noticed how many there are out there? I was told about the vitality pack from a friend. Wow what a difference. I now have a lot of energy to deal and cope with all the goings on in our home, and my family thanks you too!
About a week after I started taking the vitamins, I noticed I had more energy, I was sleeping better, I didn’t need as much sleep and overall I just felt better mentally and physically. I enrolled with Vitality for Life.com in July 2007 and have maintained a 30-pound weight loss to date. I’m 57 years old and I feel better than I did when I was 27. People can’t believe I’m the age I am. I move like a much younger person and as a result I think younger as well. The best part is helping others find out about this great company and their incredible products. If I have my way, everyone I know and meet will try the new vitamins with Oligo. Everyone deserves good health; truly, without it you have nothing.
Since I was a teenager I’ve had a low iron count. When I became pregnant with my daughter three years ago I was taking a prenatal vitamins and an additional iron supplement because my blood tests showed that my iron levels were still low. I became a Melaleuca Preferred Customer January of 2008 and in June of 2008 I was pregnant with my second child. I immediately began taking the Melaleuca prenatal vitamin and in August I switched to the prenatal vitamins with Oligo. When I went to the doctor to have my blood tested my doctor was shocked when he learned that my iron levels were BETTER during my pregnancy than before I was pregnant! He asked me, ‘What kind of prenatal vitamins are you taking?!’ I brought the bottle in and he said, ‘These are the BEST prenatal vitamins I have ever seen.’ I BELIEVE in these vitamins as they have made a tremendous difference in my life and my newborn baby’s life.
I am 60 years old and I feel like I'm 50 again. The Vitality pack is certainly named right.I not only have more get up and go , but just like the energizer bunny I keep going and going. Thank you keep up the good work.
I am the mother of seven beautiful children. Until last October I didn’t have the energy to look after them. Every morning I would drag myself out of bed and do what I had to do but all I could think about was “when can I go back to bed?” I would take a long nap every day but still felt exhausted. I exercised to gain energy, I lost weight, I quit breast-feeding, I ate healthy foods including every supplement I could find that promised energy. NOTHING helped!! One day a cousin of mine told me to try her vitamins (Vitality 4™ Essentials). Literally, within two days I was bouncing off the walls with energy! I would try to lie down for my customary nap but I couldn’t sleep! I now have the energy to look after my household and run my own Melaleuca business. My husband won’t let me get off the Vitality Pack. Thank you Melaleuca for developing Oligo! I’ve never felt better!
Since using the Vitality 4 for women I've noticed a tremendous results in 2 weeks. I have so much more energy and I feel rested in the morning. No need for afternoon naps make it thru the day happy and cheerful. They are very easy to take am-pm packs. Thank you Melaleuca for this outstanding product and I will share this product with everyone. Always greatful Milena Halavanja Niagara Falls,ON
The Vitality Pack is amazing and I can tell when I don't take it. My husband Mike works about 80 hours a week and he is very involved in the community as well as his daily job and he is in the schools weekly to teach them about the weather. He has more energy than anyone I have ever met and he never misses taking his vitamns.
I´ve been a Vitality Pack for Women user for over 4.5 years. My health level is high and I have lots of energy. I´m 62 now, so I´m turning to the Vality Pack for 50+. My husband and I compared our vitamins, only to find mine were providing FAR more than his. Guess who was more surprised.
I take the one for 50 and older. If I slack off a little, I do notice a difference. One of my enrollees has said the same experience. Thank you for creating this great product. Sincerely, Gloria NIchols Overland Park, Kansas