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The energy and balance Vitality 6 is bringing to my life is incredible!
Lisa Rienstra, Director, Preferred Customer Since 2010
We bought the Prenatal Vitality Pack for our daughter when she announced her pregnancy. She was so tired at work and had no energy. After starting on the vitality pack, she said she was feeling great. We are looking forward to a healthy mom and our 1st grandchild in March of 09. Thanks Malaleuca, Darrell & Sue from Ringle WI
I take these vitamins every day! I became diabetic through my pregnancy and 8 months later I am still breast feeding. When I forget my pills everyone notices because I become tired, mean, when I don´t take my prenatal vitamins. Melaleuca is the best company making the best products hands down!
I have been with Melaleuca for almost 9 years and I loved our vitamins prior to now, however I have to share that our new Vitality Pack made with the Oligo- Fructose Complex has made a dramatic improvement in my health. I have had a very stressful year with my father getting sick and passing away from cancer. I had traveled back and forth on planes to see him, and got very little sleep during that time. I really felt great considering what was going on. I am a very busy mom and I am so thankful for Melaleuca products, I feel great and have tons of energy.
These vitamins are wonderful. They have given me the energy I had 15 years ago. I am doing my job with more enthusiasm and creativity, and I really need that extra energy for teaching 21 first graders! I am buying some for my grandchild, the teacher who works next to me and my son. I love them!
After having our sixth child I was feeling a little bit raked over the coals. My doctor suggested a multi vitamin. Have you ever noticed how many there are out there? I was told about the vitality pack from a friend. Wow what a difference. I now have a lot of energy to deal and cope with all the goings on in our home, and my family thanks you too!
I count on your great suite of supplements to "keep me in the game". As a 72 year old personal trainer with clients age 17-84 and an average 4 hour day, my energy needs are enormous. I often include a basketball or racquet ball game in my daily activites. People are simply amazed that I "still have it". They don't know my secret. THANKS, MELALEUCA.
My husband tried the product for the first time and he said that he has much more energy during the day. That he no longer finds himself dosing off at work.
After beginning to use the Vitality pack with Oligo, my husband and I both felt improvements in our overall health and well-being. My husband has never been a vitamin-taker, but with the Vitality Pack, he has really felt a difference!! We are very happy we discovered them and so are the people we've enrolled!
I was already loving the Vitality For Life products and wondered how could they be even better? WOW! I am 62 years on the calendar but about 45 years in how I feel. I am strong, full of energy, glowing skin, strong nails and hair, vibrant. I take the 50+ Total Vitality Pack and I don't leave home without them.
en los ultimos 6 meses he tomado vitality 4 para mujer, en las primeras dos semanas del tratamiento empese a recuperar mi energia, gracias a este mavavilloso producto, hoy soy otra persona con gabas de vivir, lo recomiendo ampliamente. Gracias Melaleuca por este descubriento, que ha sido para mi mi salvaciom
Tester tried the product for the first time and he said that he has much more energy during the day. That he no longer finds himself dosing off at work.(Canada)
Gloria L. Bethelmie
Preferred Customer Since 2008
I ran out of my vitamins in mid February; it is now March 5th and I am feeling the difference from not taking the vitamins. The packetts give me verything I need for health and energy.
Karyn A Simpkins
Preferred Customer Since 2008
This is the only vitamin pack that works for me. Have tried all the others and nothing compares to this product.
Teresa Soto
Preferred Customer Since 2007